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Regain Control: Naltrexone’s Positive Impact on Drinking Habits and Life

Naltrexone’s Effectiveness and Changes in Drinking Habits

Are you struggling with heavy drinking habits and looking for a solution to help you regain control? If so, then you may want to consider naltrexone.

This medication has been found to be effective in reducing heavy drinking and improving individuals’ relationship with alcohol. In this article, we will explore the experiences and changes that people have had after using naltrexone.

Before and After Naltrexone

If you are a heavy drinker, you may understand the stress and negative impact that it can have on your life. Heavy drinking can lead to consuming 300-400 drinks per month, with daily consumption of 12 drinks per day.

Daily drinking is not only dangerous but can also be expensive. After using naltrexone, people have reported a decrease in drinking, with consumption averaging 5-10 days per month.

This reduction in alcohol intake can have beneficial effects, such as providing a financial reprieve and positively impacting one’s overall health. Uppermost on naltrexones list of benefits is the change in ones relationship with alcohol.

People on naltrexone have reported not being interested in drinking and not craving alcohol. They have described their experience as managing their drinking, getting to a point where it becomes “addiction lite.” This change in behavior has been attributed to naltrexone taking the edge off, reducing the “buzz,” and neutralizing the high they would have received from drinking.

They describe this newfound relationship as having an “off switch” as opposed to previously feeling addicted or having an obsession with alcohol. “I’m free,” they state.

They now feel in control without the worry of hiding or sneaking around their addiction. People have reported feeling more relaxed due to not having the added stress of a drinking addiction.

Naltrexone has enabled people to remain present during social gatherings without the pressure to drink due to stress relief. People have learned to turn the volume down on their drinking, keeping it manageable and under control, leading to a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Experiences with Naltrexone

Many people who had issues related to binge drinking have had successful experiences with naltrexone. They reported that previously, they had no control over their drinking and would end up vomiting or passing out.

They would drink during the day, fail to meet their obligations, and cut back on social engagements due to the shame that comes with excessive drinking. After using naltrexone, people have experienced an improvement in drinking behavior.

They keep their drinking in check, coming down to regular drinking levels, where they can now have four drinks per session. They consume their drinks spaced-out without having a single day of drinking during the day.

This improvement has allowed people to successfully meet their obligations, with many individuals reporting low-volume days. Naltrexone has changed people’s focus, leading to positive changes in their overall lives.

Individuals have reported focusing more on their companions and conversations, retaining attention while socializing without worrying about drinking. People have also discovered new hobbies, such as kayaking, yoga, and exploring nature.

They’ve found themselves exercising more, focusing on their job, and using their hands to engage in activities that require intricate detailing, such as pride in completing an art project.


In conclusion, naltrexone can change people’s drinking habits positively and improve their overall well-being. The reduction in drinking and the changes in one’s relationship with alcohol can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

By giving people the power to take control of their alcohol consumption, they can better manage their addiction, reducing stress levels and the worry that comes with being an alcoholic. For individuals who have struggled with alcoholism, naltrexone may provide the solution they’ve been looking for.

Talk to your doctor about how naltrexone could work for you.


Naltrexone has made a significant impact on the lives of many people. When consumed as prescribed, it can help individuals control their drinking and build a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Here are some of the many success stories from people who’ve used naltrexone. Naltrexone’s Positive Impact on Life

One person who has had an amazing experience using naltrexone is Mary.

She was a heavy drinker, consuming at least a bottle of wine every night due to stress from homemaker duties. After being prescribed naltrexone, Mary found she could lower her drinking levels to a more manageable amount.

. As the medication helped her with her addiction, Mary not only reduced her drinking but improved her life significantly.

She found a part-time job that involved working with animals and stopped drinking during the day, making her more productive and reliable towards her employer. Mary also discovered her passion for art projects and model planes detailing.

When she started creating intricate designs on her model planes, it allowed her to spend time focusing on details and, in turn, gave her a sense of pride with every project that she completed. The enjoyment she received from this kept her focused and from anything relating to her previous lifestyle of constant drinking.

Another success story comes from James. He had been using alcohol heavily for years and had attempted sobriety many times.

However, after many years, he finally decided to try naltrexone. James was surprised at the results brought about by the medication.

He found that when he went out with his friends, he could drink with them instead of feeling left out. However, he was happy to report that he didn’t feel the need to consume as much alcohol as he had before.

After seven and a half months, his drinking level was at an all-time low. He learned how to say no to alcohol if he wished to, but Naltrexone allowed him the option to drink if he chose to.

Naltrexone allowed James to find balance in his drinking, no longer needing to stay completely sober in order to avoid binge drinking. James finally found that the tool he had been looking for to control his drinking was available and effective, allowing him to live his life on his own terms.

Another person who’s had success with naltrexone is Tony. Tony had grown concerned about his drinking as he was consuming about six drinks a day and constantly feeling hungover.

He wanted to reduce his consumption of alcohol, but it was challenging to do so. After learning about naltrexone, he decided to give the medication a try.

He found that it worked for him, which was surprising and amazing. Tony credited naltrexone for helping him not crave alcohol, thus reducing his drinking, which he could not accomplish before the medication.

After two weeks, Tony found that his cravings for alcohol had stopped entirely. The impact that Naltrexone had on Tonys life is significant, and he would recommend it to anyone who wishes to take control of their drinking.


These testimonials suggest that the benefits of naltrexone are far-reaching and diverse. By reducing the urge to drink, people find that excess alcohol slowly becomes less important in their lives.

Naltrexone has helped people build better relationships with those around them, improving their overall moods and building self-confidence. Many people have used it to overcome the daily stress of drinking in order to gain fulfillment from other areas in their lives.

It is important to keep in mind that medication must be prescribed by a professional and used in combination with advice from a medical professional to ensure the most effective results. In conclusion, naltrexone is a medication that has been shown to effectively reduce heavy drinking and improve one’s relationship with alcohol.

It has helped people regain control of their drinking, leading to a healthier lifestyle. Naltrexone provides a practical and effective solution for people who want to manage their drinking.

Listed below are some frequently asked questions about naltrexone:

1. Is Naltrexone effective in reducing heavy drinking?

Yes, Naltrexone can reduce heavy drinking if taken as prescribed by a medical professional. 2.

Does Naltrexone completely eliminate the urge to drink alcohol? Naltrexone can lessen the urge to drink alcohol, but it does not completely eliminate it.

3. Is Naltrexone addictive?

No, Naltrexone is not considered an addictive drug. 4.

Are there any side effects associated with Naltrexone? Common side effects of Naltrexone include nausea, headaches, abdominal discomfort, and fatigue.

5. Is Naltrexone an immediate solution?

Naltrexone is a long-term solution that requires consistency and compliance with a medical professional’s recommendations. 6.

Should I stop drinking completely before taking Naltrexone? No, one can continue drinking alcohol while taking Naltrexone, but it is essential to follow a medical professional’s recommendation for best results.

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