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Navigating Narcissistic Text Messages: Strategies for Protecting Your Mental Health

Understanding and Responding to Narcissistic Text Messages

We live in an age where communication technology has given us instant access to each other, making it easier to keep in touch and convey our thoughts and emotions. However, this convenience comes with a downside – people who are narcissistic can use this technology to manipulate, control, and exploit others.

Narcissists use text messages as a tool to get what they want, leaving the recipient feeling frustrated and confused. In this article, we will examine the different types of narcissistic text messages, understand the motivations, and learn strategies to respond to them.

Types of Narcissistic Text Messages

Love Bombing: A tactic used to gain control over a person. In the early stages of a relationship, a narcissist will shower you with compliments, gifts, and attention in an attempt to manipulate your emotions and gain your trust.

Bombardment: A barrage of constant messages, phone calls, and emails sent by a narcissist to overwhelm you and make you feel guilty for not responding to their needs. Sorry: Empty apologies designed to elicit forgiveness or sympathy.

Wrong Person: Narcissists frequently send texts to the wrong person, either intentionally or unintentionally, in an attempt to create drama and attract attention. Crisis and Drama: Narcissists thrive on drama, chaos, and attention.

They may create fabricated crises to get a reaction from their victim. Rage: Narcissists have a quick temper and will lash out at you through text.

They may resort to name-calling, insults, and threats.

Motivations behind Narcissistic Text Messages

Narcissistic Supply: Narcissists need constant praise, admiration, and attention to feed their fragile ego. They use text messages as a tool to extract emotional responses from their victims to satisfy their need for validation.

Insecurity: Narcissists are deeply insecure and use text messages as a way to assert power and control over their victims, making them feel inferior. Excessive Self-Worth: Narcissists believe they are superior to others and use text messages to reinforce this belief.

They may try to manipulate or intimidate others through their messages to make them feel inferior.

Strategies to Respond to Narcissistic Text Messages

Best Response: No Response/Block the Number – This strategy is effective if you want to sever all contact with the narcissist and prevent them from contacting you again. Keep Responses Simple and Boring – Respond to text messages with short and factual answers.

Avoid giving the narcissist any ammunition to use against you. Stay On Topic – Do not engage in tangents or discussions that are not related to the topic at hand.

Narcissists will try to divert the conversation and change the subject to suit their needs. Be Concise – Avoid providing elaborate explanations or excuses for your decisions or actions.

Keep your responses brief and to the point. Respond, Don’t React – Do not allow the narcissist to provoke an emotional response from you.

Take deep breaths and respond with a clear and level-headed mindset. Don’t Explain or Defend Yourself – Narcissists will often try to gaslight their victims by making them question their own perspective.

Do not try to explain yourself or justify your actions, as it will only give the narcissist more control. Spread Out Your Responses – Do not respond to every text message immediately.

Wait between responses to avoid over-engagement and emotional burnout. Set Boundaries – Communicate your preferences and establish clear boundaries with the narcissist.

Decline conversations that do not respect your boundaries or make you feel uncomfortable. In conclusion, it is essential to understand the different types of narcissistic texts, why narcissists send them, and how to respond to them effectively.

By using the strategies outlined in this article, you can take control of the situation and avoid giving the narcissist the satisfaction they crave. Remember to stay calm, focused, and assert your boundaries to protect your mental and emotional wellbeing.

In conclusion, understanding and responding to narcissistic text messages is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships and protecting our mental and emotional wellbeing. By recognizing the various types of narcissistic text messages and their underlying motivations, we can effectively respond using strategies that promote emotional detachment and establish clear boundaries.

Remember to prioritize your own needs and well-being, and do not allow a narcissistic individual to control or manipulate you through text messages.


Q: What is a narcissistic text message?

A: A text message sent by a narcissist used to manipulate, control, and exploit others for their own personal gain. Q: What are some strategies to respond to narcissistic text messages?

A: Best Response: No Response/Block the Number, Keep Responses Simple and Boring, Stay On Topic, Be Concise, Respond, Don’t React, Don’t Explain or Defend Yourself, Spread Out Your Responses, and Set Boundaries. Q: What are the different types of narcissistic text messages?

A: Love Bombing, Bombardment, Sorry, Wrong Person, Crisis and Drama, and Rage. Q: Why do narcissists send text messages?

A: Narcissistic Supply, Insecurity, and Excessive Self-Worth. Q: What is the best way to avoid engaging with a narcissistic person over text messages?

A: Blocking their number or not responding.

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