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Black-Owned Beverage Brands Making Waves in the Industry

The Rise of Black-Owned Beverage Brands

Whether it’s tea, coffee, or kombucha, beverages are always a part of our daily lives. Beverages can provide us with warmth, hydration, and energy, making them an essential component of our daily routines.

In recent years there has been a surge of Black-owned beverage brands making their mark in the industry. From

Brooklyn Tea to Me & the Bees, Black-owned beverage brands are making waves in the world of drinks by providing customers with high-quality beverages that are both delicious and socially impactful.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most notable black-owned brands in the market that not only offer amazing beverages but also positively impact their communities.

Brooklyn Tea

Brooklyn Tea, a Brooklyn-based tea company founded by Alfonso Wright, believes that a single cup of tea can bring people together. They are committed to spreading the positive impact that tea can have on people’s lives.

Wright is passionate about tea and sharing his knowledge of its diverse world.

Brooklyn Tea offers a variety of loose-leaf tea blends that cater to different audience preferences.

Also, they are committed to supporting the community and donate 5% of every purchase to fund a scholarship and leadership award for youth in his community. Calabash Tea & Tonic

Calabash Tea & Tonic is an herbal tea company that offers naturally inspired tonics to support a healthy lifestyle.

Offering blends designed for various purposes, Calabash Tea & Tonic is excellent for those who are seeking natural medicine. The company was founded by Dr. Sunyatta Amen, who believes black folks need safe, accessible spaces and resources to know and enjoy African botanical medicines.

Calabash Tea & Tonic also has a robust community outreach program that brings them directly to their customers. BLK & Bold

BLK & Bold is a Black-owned specialty coffee company that provides customers with a unique coffee experience.

Owners Pernell and Rod Johnson are dedicated to social impact and are committed to the sustainable growth of their communities. BLK & Bold offers customers a variety of coffee blends, and they also donate a portion of their coffee proceeds to support initiatives geared towards providing resources and opportunities for youth.

Candid Tea

Candid Tea believes that life is better when you’re living with a purpose beyond just yourself. The company offers unique and delicious tea blends that are carefully curated with the customer’s wellness in mind.

They support women empowerment and donate a portion of their earnings to non-profit organizations providing education and resources to women. Me & the Bees

Me & the Bees is a lemonade company that was founded by nine-year-old Mikaila Ulmer, who is passionate about bee advocacy.

The company’s lemonade only consists of simple, healthy ingredients that are locally sourced. Ulmer started the company to spread awareness about the decline of bees and to encourage young people to become advocates for change.

Me & the Bees also has a youth entrepreneurship program that teaches young people about entrepreneurship.

Replenish Kombucha

Replenish Kombucha is a kombucha company that infuses ancient wisdom and modern techniques into their products. The fermented tea-based drink boasts an array of gut health benefits, and the company is committed to providing an alternative to Western medicine.

Besides, they also have a community outreach program where they collaborate with local organizations to support various endeavors.

Boss Blend Coffee

Boss Blend Coffee is a Black-owned coffee company that hosts a directory of Black-owned businesses and uses crowdfunding to help them grow. They provide customers with high-quality coffee blends sourced from Black-owned coffee farms worldwide.

Also, they are committed to supporting entrepreneurship by donating 10% of their profits to help fund startups.

Tea Please

Tea Please is a tea company that specializes in dessert-flavored tea blends. Their unique blends provide a pick-me-up in the most decadent way possible.

The company is committed to promoting a safe and fulfilling environment for their customers. They offer nighttime reset blends and wellbeing blends to ensure that everyone can enjoy tea in a way that suits their preferred lifestyle.


Muniq is a shake company that offers a unique solution for individuals with Type 2 diabetes or those seeking to improve their gut health. Their shakes contain prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to support optimal gut health.

Muniq is committed to providing a delicious taste and a healthier option to traditional meal replacements.

The Benefits of Alcohol-Free Drinks

Alcohol-free drinks have been gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to their many benefits. Whether you are influenced by your physical or mental health, seeking to increase your socializing options or trying to be more environmentally conscious, alcohol-free drinks are an excellent choice.

Conscious Choice for a Healthier Lifestyle

One of the primary benefits of choosing an alcohol-free drink is the ability to make a conscious choice for a healthier lifestyle. Research has shown that consuming alcohol in moderation can have positive health effects, but overconsumption can lead to many health problems.

By choosing an alcohol-free drink, you can reduce your alcohol intake without sacrificing socializing. Consideration of Packaging, Ingredients, Brand Ethos, Flavor, and Aftertaste

Another benefit of alcohol-free drinks is the increased consideration that goes into their production.

The ingredients, packaging, brand ethos, flavor, and aftertaste of alcohol-free drinks are all carefully considered. Brands such as BLK & Bold and

Candid Tea are dedicated to social responsibility and give back to their communities.

Calabash Tea & Tonic and

Replenish Kombucha have a robust community outreach program bringing them closer to their customers. And,

Tea Please ensures that customers can enjoy tea with peace of mind in every sip.

Cold Weather and Holiday Season Support

Alcohol-free drinks also offer support during the cold weather and holiday season.

Tea Please’s nighttime reset blends will help support sound sleep.

Calabash Tea & Tonic’s blends designed for wellness also support immunity, which is especially crucial during the flu and cold season. Alcoholic drinks are typically the go-to beverage during the holiday season, but alcohol-free drinks like Me & the Bees’ lemonade can also spread holiday cheer in an all-natural and healthier way.

In conclusion, Black-owned beverage brands offer a unique variety of tea, coffee, Kombucha, shakes, and lemonades that are both delicious and socially impactful. The benefits of alcohol-free drinks are not limited to the factors discussed in this article, but they provide only a snippet of the industry’s many benefits.

Alcohol-free drinks are the way of the future, and Black-owned beverage brands are leading the charge, offering customers a healthier and more conscientious option.

Black-Owned Business Owners Collective Impact

The business world is a vast and competitive industry, and the success of a business largely depends on factors such as innovation, price, marketing, and more. However, creating a positive impact on the community is one aspect that cannot be ignored, as it creates a significant difference in the business’s long-term sustainability.

Black-owned businesses are taking the lead by fostering a strong sense of community and creating lasting impacts. In this expanded article, we’ll delve deeper into how Black-owned businesses are collectively making a difference.

Brooklyn Tea Scholarship and Community Leadership Award

Brooklyn Tea, founded by Alfonso Wright, is a Brooklyn-based tea company that believes in the power of education. Every year the company awards a scholarship, the

Brooklyn Tea Scholarship, to a student from the Brownsville area of Brooklyn.

Additionally, they also award a leadership award to a member of the community who is making strides in creating a positive impact. By investing in students and community leaders,

Brooklyn Tea is creating opportunities for growth, leadership, and success.

Dr. Sunyatta Amen on Fostering a Strong, Communal Environment

A communal environment is essential for creating a positive impact. Calabash Tea & Tonic’s founder, Dr. Sunyatta Amen, is passionate about fostering a strong communal environment and believes that tea and herbs can help individuals overcome anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

For Amen, tea is more than just a drink; it’s a way to connect with others, stimulate conversation, and create positive change in the community. Calabash Tea & Tonic’s no alcohol policy creates a safe space for anyone to connect without any societal pressure.

BLK & Bold’s Donation to Organizations Supporting Marginalized Youth

BLK & Bold is a Black-owned specialty coffee company founded by Pernell and Rod Johnson. The company donates a portion of their proceeds to urban farming, education, and wellness programs that support marginalized youth.

This is in line with their commitment to social impact and conscious consumerism. Their donations support initiatives that create opportunities for the youth to engage in entrepreneurial ventures, as well as providing them with the necessary resources to succeed.

Candid Tea’s Donation to Non-Profit or Charitable Organizations

Candid Tea is a tea company founded by Shelley Williams. The company is committed to empowering women and donates a portion of its earnings to non-profit organizations that support women’s education and resources.

By providing resources for women,

Candid Tea tackles the systemic disparities that often limit women’s opportunities for success and creates a positive impact in the community. Me & the Bees’ Promotion of Bee Conservation

Me & the Bees was founded by young entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer, who is passionate about saving the bees.

Since its founding, the company has been an active supporter of bee conservation projects such as the Healthy Hive Foundation, which supports active beekeeping across the country. Me & the Bees has a particular focus on educating young people about the importance of bee conservation, inspiring them to be part of the solution to protect bee populations worldwide.

Replenish Kombucha’s Focus on Alternatives to Western Medicine

Replenish Kombucha founded by Taireina Chea, is a kombucha brand that focuses on providing customers with alternatives to Western medicine. Through their products, they aim to support gut health, by providing a healthy and palatable alternative.

Kombucha contains probiotics, which are live microorganisms that help digestion and support the immune system.

Replenish Kombucha’s commitment to nourishing the body is part of their efforts to make wellness accessible and more attainable.


Black-owned businesses are making their marks in the business world by creating a significant difference in the community. By fostering a strong sense of community, like-minded entrepreneurs have formed synergies that contribute to the social and economic advancement of Black Americans.

Whether through scholarships, donations, or community outreach initiatives, Black-owned businesses are creating opportunities, promoting positive values, and fostering an environment of growth and success. Collectively, they’re creating a long-lasting impact that reverberates across the community now and in the future.

In conclusion, Black-owned businesses are taking the lead by fostering a strong sense of community and creating long-lasting impacts that tackle some of society’s most significant systemic problems. By identifying opportunities for growth, leadership, and success, Black-business owners have proved that the way to success is by uplifting others and doing great work.

This article has highlighted the social and wellness benefits associated with Black-owned businesses such as

Brooklyn Tea, Calabash Tea & Tonic, BLK & Bold,

Candid Tea, Me & the Bees, and

Replenish Kombucha. The FAQs below will provide further information on the main topics covered in the article.


Q: What is the significance of Black-owned businesses in society? A: Black-owned businesses help create a sense of community and foster long-lasting impacts that tackle some of society’s most significant systemic problems.

Q: What are some examples of Black-owned businesses that are making a positive impact? A:

Brooklyn Tea, Calabash Tea & Tonic, BLK & Bold,

Candid Tea, Me & the Bees, and

Replenish Kombucha are Black-owned businesses that are making a positive impact.

Q: How do Black-owned businesses promote community development? A: Black-owned businesses promote community development by identifying opportunities for growth, leadership, and success.

Q: What is the significance of bee conservation to Me & the Bees? A: Me & the Bees is passionate about bee conservation, recognizing the important role bees play in the ecosystem and inspiring young people to be part of the solution to protect bee populations.

Q: What is

Replenish Kombucha’s focus? A:

Replenish Kombucha’s focus is on providing customers with alternatives to Western medicine that support gut health.

Q: What contributions are Black-owned businesses making towards marginalized communities? A: Black-owned businesses contribute to marginalized communities by donating to urban farming, education, and wellness programs, as well as supporting non-profit organizations that support women’s education and resources.

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