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Avoiding Drunk Shopping: Tips and Tricks to Save Your Wallet

The Problem of Drunk Shopping

Do you sometimes wake up to find packages on your doorstep that you don’t recall ordering? Do you have hazy memories of browsing online stores late at night and making purchases while under the influence of alcohol?

You’re not alone. Drunk shopping has become a billion-dollar industry in America, with one in five Americans confessing to making a purchase while drunk.

In this article, we will explore the reasons for drunk shopping, the consequences, and offer practical tips to avoid it.

Drunk Shopping Statistics

The rise of e-commerce has made it easier than ever to shop online, but it has also enabled impulsive buying habits. A recent survey by Finder reveals that Americans spend an average of $447.57 per year on drunk purchases.

That amounts to a staggering $30.4 billion in total. Millennials lead the pack with an average of $751.89 in yearly drunk purchases, while baby boomers spend an average of $198.65.

Why People Shop When Drunk

There are several reasons why people shop when they’re under the influence of alcohol. Firstly, alcohol lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment, which can lead to impulsivity.

Secondly, the influx of dopamine in the brain when drinking can intensify the pleasure of purchasing new items. Thirdly, stress can amplify the desire for retail therapy, and alcohol can be a coping mechanism for some.

Finally, carrying cash while drinking can make it easier to overspend without realizing.

Tips to Avoid Drunk Shopping

Now that we’ve identified some of the triggers for drunk shopping let’s take a look at some practical steps that you can take to avoid it.

Disabling Shopping App Alerts

One way to minimize the temptation of intentional shopping is to disable shopping app alerts on your phone. When you receive offers and discounts regularly on your phone, it can make you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t spend.

Turning off these notifications can reduce the urge to spend and make you more mindful of your shopping habits.

Removing Credit Card Information

Convenience can be a double-edged sword. Linking your credit card to your shopping accounts can simplify the checkout process.

Still, it can also lead to impulse purchases since you don’t have to go through the added step of entering payment information. Removing credit card information from your online shopping profiles can help curb your impulsive spending.

Disabling One-Touch Shopping

Some online stores use one-touch shopping technology, such as PayPal, which allows users to buy a product with a single click. This feature can make for quick and easy purchases.

It can also enable careless and drunken purchases. Disabling one-touch shopping can slow down the checkout process, giving you time to reconsider the purchase before finalizing it.

Deleting Shopping Store Apps

If you’re someone who tends to browse online stores frequently, having shopping apps on your phone can be dangerous. You might be tempted to make a quick purchase on the go.

Deleting shopping store apps from your phone can decrease the chances of impulsive spending, and can also limit your exposure to must-buy deals.

Dealing with the Source

When it comes to alcohol-fueled purchases, proximity to money can be a recipe for disaster. Keeping your payment methods out of easy reach while drinking can help.

For example, lock your credit cards away or keep your savings account in a different bank. It can also help to avoid online shopping websites when you’re under the influence.

Setting Accountability Measures

If you know that you’re prone to impulsive shopping when drunk, it can be helpful to have someone you trust holding you accountable. One way to achieve this is by leaving your credit card with a sober friend or partner before going out.

Alternatively, you can withdraw just the amount of cash you need for the evening, limiting your potential spending.

Using Drunk Online Shopping Prevention Apps

Several apps can help you avoid drunk shopping. For example, the Icebox app works as a Chrome extension that freezes your shopping cart for a specific duration, preventing you from making any immediate purchases.

The Buy button app allows you to delay the purchase of an item by 24 hours. Lastly, the Put it on Ice app enables you to slow down the shopping process by creating a 30-day waiting period before any purchase is made.

Reducing or Stopping Drinking

Suppose you feel that drunk shopping is out of control. In that case, it may be time to consider reducing your drinking or quitting alcohol altogether.

Problematic drinking habits can lead to poor decision-making, overspending, and other detrimental effects. If you need support to cut back or quit drinking, seeking help from a coach, therapy, or a medication-based approach like Ria Health can be a game-changer.


Drunk shopping can be dangerous, leading to unnecessary spending and buyer’s remorse. By understanding the causes and consequences of drunk shopping, and implementing appropriate measures to avoid it, you can regain control of your finances and avoid waking up to packages you don’t recognize.

In conclusion, drunk shopping is a widespread problem that can have serious financial consequences. By implementing practical tips to avoid it, such as disabling shopping app alerts and removing credit card information, as well as seeking support to reduce or quit alcohol consumption, you can take control of your finances and avoid impulsivity.

Remember that small steps can make significant improvements, and its never too late to start.


Q: Why do people shop when drunk?

A: Alcohol lowers inhibitions, impairs judgment, can intensify the pleasure of purchasing new items, copes with stress, and carrying cash while drinking. Q: What are some practical tips to avoid drunk shopping?

A: Disabling shopping app alerts, removing credit card information, disabling one-touch shopping, deleting shopping store apps, dealing with the source, setting accountability measures, using prevention apps, and reducing or stopping drinking. Q: Are there any apps that can help prevent drunk shopping?

A: Yes, apps like Icebox, Buy button, and Put it on Ice can all help prevent drunk shopping. Q: What should I do if I think my drunk shopping is out of control?

A: Consider reducing your drinking or quitting alcohol altogether and seek support from a coach, therapy, or a medication-based approach like Ria Health. Q: Why is it essential to avoid drunk shopping?

A: Drunk shopping can lead to overspending, buyer’s remorse, and financial problems.

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